AHPC Wins Live Oak Hounds Foxhunting Challenge!

I am SO THRILLED to share with you that the Arapahoe Hunt Pony Club has won the Live Oak Hounds Foxhunting Challenge, for the second year in a row! We had 100% of our members meet the challenge.

The Live Oak Hounds-USPC Foxhunting Challenge Award is made possible through the generous support of Mr. and Mrs. C. Martin Wood III, Joint Masters of the Live Oak Hounds in Monticello, Florida, and Past Presidents of the MFHA. The award is designed to encourage Pony Club members who do not regularly hunt to try the sport, to reward those members who do hunt on a regular basis, and act as mentors to the younger and less-experienced Pony Club members. Awards will go to six Pony Clubs/Centers who regularly take the greatest percentage (based on total number of members) of active Pony Club members hunting, based on the required number of hunts needed by each member (see below).

– For 1st time Foxhunters or members who have hunted less than 3 times in the previous season, you must hunt a total of 3 or more times in the current season. (Gwen, Lily, Andrew, and Angelina)

– For members who have hunted 3 or more times in the previous season or participated in the Live Oak Challenge last year, you must hunt a total of 6 or more times in the current season. (Kelso)

– For Pony Club members who are also regular hunting members, you must hunt 9 or more times in the current season. (Savannah, Erin, and MacKenzie)

This award brings great recognition to both our pony club and the Arapahoe Hunt, and enforces how supportive the Arapahoe Hunt is in bringing along our young members. It also shows far the kids have come over the last year — most of them beat their challenge by quite a lot!!

A huge thank you to parents and Arapahoe Hunt members and staff who helped make this happen!! We could not have done this without your hard work, encouragement, and unwavering support of the juniors in our hunt.

Congratulations everyone!!

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