Answers to your most Frequently Asked Questions….

Where do you meet?

Locations may vary, but most of our mounted and mounted meetings will take place at the Range, home of the Arapahoe Hunt.  Click here for directions.

What does the Arapahoe Hunt Pony Club offer that differs from other Pony Clubs in the Rocky Mountain Region?

The AHPC is a hunt-based Pony Club, where young equestrians can pursue skills and knowledge that are specific to fox hunting and cross country riding.  Riders will receive instruction “real time” in the field during Junior hunt days, then meet afterwards for an unmounted educational meeting in our “Cubhouse”, located above the kennels.  Additional lessons and clinics are held in between hunts.  The knowledge, leadership, and horsemanship skills that AHPC members learn is useful not only for fox hunting, but also carries over into eventing, hunter/jumper, dressage, and endurance.

What does AHPC offer that differs from the Junior program of the Arapahoe Hunt?

The Arapahoe Hunt Pony Club was created so that more in-depth riding instruction, clinics, and knowledge specific to fox hunting could be imparted to the junior riders of the Arapahoe Hunt.  AHPC members will benefit from lessons in the field and instruction from trainers and senior Hunt members.  Junior members of the Arapahoe Hunt are not required to be Pony Club members, but may not participate in Pony Club activities prior to joining Pony Club.

Can my child be a member of the Arapahoe Hunt Pony Club if they are a member of another Pony Club?

Yes!  Pony Clubbers may have “dual citizenship” between Clubs.  If the Pony Clubber has already paid USPC dues through their other Club, there is no additional charge to join AHPC other than Arapahoe Hunt membership costs.  AHPC activities are unlikely to overlap with other Pony Club activities.  There may be small fees associated with some of the mounted activities (TBD) for those that do not have AHPC as their home club.

Does my Pony Clubber need to be a member of the Arapahoe Hunt?

To be regular riders at the Range, AHPC members must also be Junior members of the Arapahoe Hunt.  But you can try it out before joining… see below…

Do AHPC parents need to be members of the Arapahoe Hunt?

No.  Non-riding parents may “hilltop” via car to watch the Hunt and Club activities at no charge.  Parents interested in riding along with their children may ride as guests of other Hunt members up to three times and pay capping fee to the Arapahoe Hunt Secretary or should pursue membership of the Arapahoe Hunt.

Do Horsemasters need to be members of the Arapahoe Hunt? 

Yes, anyone who rides regularly at the Range needs to be a member of the Arapahoe Hunt.

How do I or my Pony Clubber join the Arapahoe Hunt?

Please visit the Arapahoe Hunt website for more information on Hunt membership, or call Marie Phipps at 303-646-4784. There are several levels of adult membership.  Junior membership is just $25/year.

Can we try it out sometime first?

Sure!  Non-members are welcome to attend as a guest of another Hunt/AHPC member up to three times but must pay a capping fee to the Arapahoe Hunt secretary.  OR – come join us on one of our Junior / New Member hunt days, which does not require a capping fee, and are easier hunts designed for those newer to hunting.  Check the Calendar for the dates of all Junior Hunt days.  Please note that children should be ALWAYS accompanied by an adult rider.   Contact us for more information on riding as a guest.

What is the age limit?

All young riders ages 0-25 are eligible for the Arapahoe Hunt Pony Club.  Riders over age 25 are encouraged to joint our Horsemasters program.  Older juniors are a critical part of the program and act as mentors to the younger riders.

How much does it cost to join?

Please visit our Membership page.

I’d like to help out.  How can I volunteer?

We  LOVE volunteers!  Just contact us to let us know your interests and how you would like to participate.

How can I learn more about fox hunting?

Visit the Arapahoe Hunt website

Learn about Hunting Attire

More questions?

Send us an email and we will get right back to you.