Thought you were too old for Pony Club?  Think again!!

The Arapahoe Hunt Pony Club’s Horsemasters Program is designed to teach interested adults about Pony Club and fox hunting, and to help increase our valued Pony Club volunteer base. All adults are welcome, whether or not they have prior equine experience.

While some activities may be geared toward ‘beginning’ riders, we welcome more experienced and highly‐skilled adults and Pony Club alumni as well! Members of Horsemasters should also become Sponsors of the AHPC, to help support and guide the direction of the Pony Club.

The USPC Horsemasters Program for Adult Volunteers affords the opportunity for adults to experience many of the same benefits that Pony Club youth members receive: the chance to learn from our excellent curriculum, an opportunity to be part of a ‘team’ of likeminded individuals wanting to work together, and a venue to enjoy a horse. Horsemasters follow the USPC curriculum in an adult‐friendly format, which allows adults to explore areas of interest and customize their own program of study to meet their individual needs. The Horsemasters Program does not have Pony Club ratings as such, instead, it affords participants a way to measure their progression with an evaluation process of checking off areas studied, practiced and proficiency acquired.

For more information on AHPC’s Horsemasters group, please contact us and check out this Horsemasters page on the USPC site.